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We have a repository of common code on svn that we use for many client CMSs. Lets call the repository CMS. Then for each client, we create a separate repository of just their files, for example CLIENT1. Every time I do an update on my local machine, I check out CMS and CLIENT1 separately.

I know that Tortoise has a command svn:Externals so that I can create a local copy of CMS in a subdirectory of CLIENT1, but we might have 20 clients, and I don't want to keep 20 copies of the same common code. Is there a way to keep a single copy of the CMS repository on my local machine outside the CLIENT1 directory, and to tell tortoise to update that repository ALSO, every time I do an update to CLIENT1, etc?

If it's relevant, I'm on a windows 7 box and SVN is on a linux box.

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You can use a post-update-hook(note this is a tortoisesvn feature, not supported by svn commandline!)

Just go to "Settings->Hook Scripts" and "Add" an new post-update hook. Fill in the appropriate command. If you do not use SVN commandline, you can use tortoiseProc.exe which gives you a command-line interface as well: enter image description here

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Worked perfectly – Heraldmonkey Feb 27 '12 at 15:07

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