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I want to send an e-mail from my phonegap + sencha touch app using a simple mailto-link. The mail contains a body with a link that has a complex JSON string as parameter, which I would like to encode as well, so that the recipient can just click the link. If I just take the JSOn string put in the body and encode the body, the mail body is shown correctly before sending, but if I try to encode the JSON string before adding it to the mailto-link, only subject and mail address and not the body are shown.

This is the source for creating the mailto-link:

var key = encodeURIComponent(albumlist);
var msg = {
    subject : "Mein Photoalbum",
    body : "Du wurdest eingeladen Dir mein Photoalbum anzuschauen.\n\n"+
        "Klicke dazu einfach auf folgenden Link:\n"+
        userid+"&albumlist="+key+" \n\n"+
window.location = "mailto:?" + Ext.urlEncode(msg);

If I just put albumlist directly instead of key the body is interpreted correctly.

Here's the complete mailto-string before put in window.location:


Works in Chrome. I'm using Phonegap 1.2 + Sencha Touch 2.0 PR3 + Android 3.1

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