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The citation from View reference:

The size of a view is expressed with a width and a height. A view actually possess two pairs of width and height values.

The first pair is known as measured width and measured height. These dimensions define how big a view wants to be within its parent (see Layout for more details.) The measured dimensions can be obtained by calling getMeasuredWidth() and getMeasuredHeight().

The second pair is simply known as width and height, or sometimes drawing width and drawing height. These dimensions define the actual size of the view on screen, at drawing time and after layout. These values may, but do not have to, be different from the measured width and height. The width and height can be obtained by calling getWidth() and getHeight().

Well, i can set the measured size in onMeasure(int, int) by setMeasuredDimension(int, int), but how can i set another one, drawing size?

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That is set in the onLayout(boolean, int, int, int, int) method when you determine the left, top, right, bottom dimensions of the layout. When you call layout(int, int, int, int) or super.onLayout(boolean, int, int, int, int), the getHeight() and getWidth properties will be set.

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