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I've been using Microsoft's web deployment project for a while. It seems to work reasonably well for the type of manual deployments we carry out. Generally speaking our package removes certain files from the output such as .suo, .csproj etc, minifies css and js using AjaxMin, and updates certain settings in the web.config file.

On a project we're working on at the moment we simply cannot pre-compile the site for deployment, so all of those routines we've developed for use with WDP's can no longer be used.

Does anyone know of a good alternative - we're not looking for something too flashy (or expensive), we're just looking for a tool that will allow us to write some commands, choose whether to pre-compile or not, and copy files.

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Sounds like you're looking for a plain old shell. Try PowerShell if you can deal with the bother running scripts involves? –  millimoose Feb 14 '12 at 17:12

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One idea would be to just add a custom MSBuild target to your project file, that does all this. It can do web.config transformation and, if required, can be extended with custom / self written MSBuild tasks that do he other stuff (minifying CSS & JS). Then copying the files to deploy to a certain directory is the least complicated of all these steps.

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The magic voodoo you are looking for is the unpublished MSBuild task _CopyWebApplication. Usage could look like:

  <Target Name="DeployTo">
    <!-- $(R) is mapped to $(MSBuildProjectDirectory) -->
    <CreateProperty Value="$(R)\Artifacts" Condition="'$(OutputFolder)'==''">
      <Output TaskParameter="Value" PropertyName="OutputFolder" />
    <CreateProperty Value="Release" Condition="'$(Configuration)'==''">
      <Output TaskParameter="Value" PropertyName="Configuration" />
    <Message Text="Building projects and deploying to $(OutputFolder)" />
    <MSBuild Projects="$(CmsProject)"
    <Message Text="Successfully built and deployed!" />

That will send everything marked as content (js, images, css, etc) and the build artifacts to $(OutputFolder). Usage would look like:

msbuild build.xml /t:DeployTo /p:Configuration=release;OutputFolder=\\servername\sharename
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