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I was thinking about utilizing RavenDB for some of my look-up scenarios I am doing in a high throughput application. This would replace all of the look-up calls I need to make to the DB to get things like site location, etc. Looking at a couple of options really (also .Net caching). I know that you can replicate Indexes from RavenDB to SQL Server, but wondering if anyone has done the reverse where they sync RavenDB with Sql Server?

Any suggestions / comments would be appreciated.


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I've done a similar scenario where data needed to be transferred in batch from a SQL Server system nightly into our RavenDB instance.

I couldn't find an off the shelf tool to do what I wanted as typically you should optimise the model you give RavenDB differently to SQL Server.

I wrote a custom console app that put the data into my RavenDB instance.

For example my console app:

  • Compacted several relationships into one document
  • Dealt with the different datatypes

TLDR: I wrote my own console app as I couldn't find a generic product that could do it.

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+1, data models don't match, bridging with app is easiest. –  Wyatt Barnett Feb 14 '12 at 17:34
Thanks @Phil I will look into that. I appreciate the feedback –  scarpacci Feb 14 '12 at 18:51

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