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How can I enable HTTP Basic Auth for everything except for a certain file?

Here is my current server block configuration for the location:

location / {
       auth_basic "The password, you must enter.";
       auth_basic_user_file /etc/nginx/htpasswd;

location /README {
       auth_basic off;

However, on /README, it is still prompting for a password.

How can we fix this?

Thanks! Mark

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Try to use sign = , that helps you:

location = /README {
       auth_basic off;
       allow all; # Allow all to see content 
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I dont see any error in your config. Here is a detailed answer:


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I am doing something similar using "map" instead of "if" to assign the auth_basic realm variable and htpasswd file:

map $http_host $siteenv {
  default       dev;

  ~^(?<subdomain>.+)\.dev dev;
  ~^(?<subdomain>.+)\.devprofile devprofile;
  ~^(?<subdomain>.+)\.devdebug devdebug;
  ~^(?<subdomain>.+)\.test test;
  ~^(?<subdomain>.+)\.demo demo;
  ~^(?<subdomain>.+)\.stage stage;

  # Live
  ~^(?<subdomain>.+)\.live live;
  ~^.*\.(?P<subdomain>.+)\.[a-zA-Z]* live;

map $http_host $auth_type {
  default       "Restricted";

  ~^(?<subdomain>.+)\.dev "Development";
  ~^(?<subdomain>.+)\.devprofile "Development";
  ~^(?<subdomain>.+)\.devdebug "Development";
  ~^(?<subdomain>.+)\.test "Testing";
  ~^(?<subdomain>.+)\.stage "Stage";
  ~^(?<subdomain>.+)\.demo "Demo";

  # Live
  ~^(?<subdomain>.+)\.live "off";
  ~^.*\.(?P<subdomain>.+)\.[a-zA-Z]* "off";

server {
  .. etc ..

  auth_basic            $auth_type;
  auth_basic_user_file  /etc/nginx/conf.d/htpasswd-$siteenv;
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