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So i have design a programming languages and got far enough that i wrote example code and started writing BNF. I want to know is there a checklist of things i may want to do before writing the rest of my BNF? what should i do afterward? i am afraid implementation will take a long time (its as complex as and maybe more then C++). What are things i should do or things i should consider?

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Did you rediscover Ada? –  Nosredna May 29 '09 at 21:10
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Get peer review on what you've done so far. Language design is hard - it's likely that an extra pair of eyes (or several) would help to find some areas where you could improve it before you go too far down the implementation side. (In particular, if it's more complex than C++ are you sure that's necessary?)

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If it is more complex than C++, it probably needs redesign. A lott of C++'s complexity comes from the need to provide C compatibility and so to graft features ion top of the less than wonderful C declaration syntax. If you don't need to support an exsiting language, it's hard to see how such complexity can be justified.

Having designed and implemented a few languages myself, I recommend an invremental approach:

  • design small subset
  • implement it
  • use it

With the lessons learned, design a somewhat larger subset and repeat.

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