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I would like to use Canvas renderer on non WebGL browsers and WebGL on others. My code works fine with webGL renderer but with canvas renderer the THREE.Line doesn't shows.

var edgeMat = new THREE.LineBasicMaterial({
    color: 0x000000,
    opacity: 0.6
} );

for (var edgeId in graph.edgesl) {

    var nodeInId = graph.edgesl[edgeId];
    var nodeOutId = graph.edgesr[edgeId];

    var edgeGeom = new THREE.Geometry();
    edgeGeom.vertices.push(new THREE.Vertex(nodes[nodeInId].position));
    edgeGeom.vertices.push(new THREE.Vertex(nodes[nodeOutId].position));

    var drawingLine = new THREE.Line( edgeGeom , edgeMat );

    //Store In, Out node ID
    drawingLine.inNodeId = nodeInId;
    drawingLine.outNodeId = nodeOutId;


    //Meshes additionally need also dynamic flag enabled (to keep internal typed arrays).
    drawingLine.dynamic = true;

    scene.addObject(drawingLine );



Anyone has any ideas for this?

Thank You!

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From r45 scene.addObject(drawingLine); must be now scene.add(drawingLine);

Same issue here:

Three.js not scaling or rotating Mesh on render()

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Thank you! It's work. – user1200419 Feb 16 '12 at 18:39

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