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Guys, I have the follow VB.NET class definition:

<Serializable()> Partial Public Class Customers
End Class

Inside another file I have the same thing (with different methods and variables of course). When I compile, I get the following error:

Attribute 'SerializableAttribute' cannot be applied multiple times.

The error is pretty self explanatory. My question is though, if I just mark the one class as Serializable(), can I assume the entire class with be marked as serializable()? In other words, Do I only need the serializable() tag in 1 spot in the class?

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You only need it marked once per class so in a class with more than one 'partial' definitation, you should just remove it from all the other files. The whole 'partial' thing is just a way of visualizing your code so when you apply it once, it will be for the whole class.

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Thanks for clearing this up. I thought it was that easy, but I just wanted to be sure. –  Icemanind May 29 '09 at 21:31

Yes, you only need to put it in one of the Partial Classes:

At compile time, attributes of partial-type definitions are merged.

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