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Ok, so let me elaborate on the title a bit. Say i have an Entity that has a ChildEntity with a bidirectional mapping between the two:

+--------+            +-------------+
| Entity | <--1.1---> | ChildEntity | 
+--------+            +-------------+
    |            +-----------------+
    +---1..n---> | SomeOtherEntity |

Now lets say i have the HQL that does something like this:

FROM ChildEntity as ce 
LEFT JOIN ce.entity as e
LEFT JOIN e.someOtherEntities as soe
WHERE e.user = :user 
 ... (and a bunch of other conditions ) ...

So, to the essence of my problem: There may be cases where a user doesn't have an association with the Entity object, in those cases i want to be able to create it for him.

I know it is possible to do something like this:

SELECT new Entity(....) FROM .....

But is there any way i can do this as a if condition? Like, if ce.entity == null then new Entity(ce), else e

Any help is appreciated.

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this should be handled in code not a query (don't even know a way to do it). the SELECT new Entity(....) FROM form is there to create DTOs or ViewModels from parts of the entity, no data manipulation.

results = "FROM ChildEntity as ce WHERE ce.entity = null" // get all without entity

for(childentity child : results)
    child.setEntity(new Entity());
// query again with what you have
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