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I want to use a view throughout multiple viewcontrollers in a storyboard. Thus, I thought about designing the view in an external xib so changes are reflected in every viewcontroller. But how can one load a view from a external xib in a storyboard and is it even possible? If thats not the case, what other alternatives are availble to suit the situation abouve?

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See this video: youtube.com/watch?v=o3MawJVxTgk –  MIH1406 Nov 3 at 5:47

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Yes it's very possible I wrote an answer to a question just the other day that shows how to do it.

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You answer on that post works, but looks like it creates 2 views... I check it but it looks like it resets the Subviews count to 1 how is this possible? So its technically correct, but logically by reading the code it tells otherwise. –  Steven Hernandez Nov 15 '13 at 3:20
the answer below the accepted one at this link is an amazing trick. –  MrTristan Feb 13 at 18:22

Here is a video tutorial that demonstrates exactly what you're looking for:


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This is absolutely, completely, expletively, the right damn way to solve the problem. Go and watch this video. It is very simple and very elegant. And if you've found this issue a problem, it's simply because you're making a problem by going at it the wrong way (like me). Seriously – go and watch this. –  Benjohn Dec 12 at 11:40

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