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Not to be confused with Shared hosting providers supporting RavenDB or other similar questions. I do not need a web host, nor want to deploy RavenDb in Embedded or Web Site mode...

Question: Are there any cloud service providers for RavenDB, like MongoHQ and MongoLab for the MongoDB platform?

Edit: RavenHQ and Cloudbird are two providers, but they are not in production - answers should only include those that are currently available.

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As it currently stands, this question is not a good fit for our Q&A format. We expect answers to be supported by facts, references, or expertise, but this question will likely solicit debate, arguments, polling, or extended discussion. If you feel that this question can be improved and possibly reopened, visit the help center for guidance.If this question can be reworded to fit the rules in the help center, please edit the question.

It looks like ravenhq.com intends to do this, but it is not in production yet. – one.beat.consumer Feb 14 '12 at 19:57
it's LIVE now blog.appharbor.com/2012/02/17/hosted-ravendb-on-appharbor – Korayem Feb 17 '12 at 21:47
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After a lot of searching, conversations with RavenDB folks on Jabbr.net and speaking to some provider companies we have a answer:

RavenHQ.com and Cloudbird.net provide such services. RavenHQ is ready for production and in the US East zone, while Cloudbird is in beta and in the EU West zone.

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CloudBird is now out of Beta and hosting production databases in the EU – Andrew Smith Jan 24 '13 at 9:25
Update: CloudBird has unfortunately shut down, so there's only RavenHQ left. – Johannes Rudolph Apr 3 '14 at 10:20

http://www.ravenhq.com should be live any day as Ayende mentioned in the latest RavenDb videos on tekpub


RavenHq is now live on AppHarbor http://blog.appharbor.com/2012/02/17/hosted-ravendb-on-appharbor

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Tekpub's videos are paid for, can you provide any documentation of their "go live" date? I could not find any. – one.beat.consumer Feb 15 '12 at 2:03
Nothing's promised but I can tell you this: we have a project under development that will be released in a month and we chose RavenDb because we believe its "almost there" according to @Ayende's tweets – Korayem Feb 15 '12 at 10:00
Afraid, I've been waiting since November for RavenHQ (used to be called RavenNest?), seems to be closer now though as they have a website up. – Phil Feb 15 '12 at 10:44
@Phil it's LIVE now blog.appharbor.com/2012/02/17/hosted-ravendb-on-appharbor – Korayem Feb 17 '12 at 19:52
Yes, I've seen it via twitter :) – Phil Feb 17 '12 at 20:09

http://www.cloudbird.net/ I've seen this mentioned but same as http://www.ravenhq.com/ they don't give much detail. I also don't know who the authors of cloudbird are.

Otherwise, you could just use an EC2/Azure to host it? (I've seen Azure and RavenDB talked about on Twitter, there is some github projects with instructions)

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I'll check out cloudbird and the EC2 idea though I doubt its free – one.beat.consumer Feb 15 '12 at 17:34
RavenHQ will only have a tiny amount of space free. Plus you get a year of stuff free with Azure/EC2. To answer your edit of "only live" the answer is none. I've extensively looked. – Phil Feb 16 '12 at 10:24
you use jabbr? I think we have been talking there in the RavenDB room. – one.beat.consumer Feb 16 '12 at 18:18
Haven't been on it in a few days, name on there is the same as here (and is also my twitter username, I respond to quite a few questions on there) – Phil Feb 16 '12 at 19:31
It's live on app harbor blog.appharbor.com/2012/02/17/hosted-ravendb-on-appharbor – Korayem Feb 17 '12 at 19:53

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