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I am attempting to create a search form, the search is performed on third party site so there is no model just a controller. I have it set up as follows

views/items/index.html.haml :

= search_field :search, :search_input
= submit_tag 'Search'


-@items.each do |item|
  %h1= item.title


def index
   #I am unsure of what to put in here?  I think
   #I need something wich sends @search_input to my search method

def search
   @items = some_third_party_search_method_i_wrote{ params[:search_input]}

How does one properly use the params object in rails? I don't understand how to get from the index page containing the search form to the search page containing the results of the search input?

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You probably want to use search_field_tag instead since your form isn't tied to a model/object:

= search_field_tag :search_input

Then params[:search_input] should work.

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