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If i have few WCF extension modules of same kind (like parameter inspector) can i be sure they're executed in the order i define them in the configuration file?

            <add name="MyInspectorA" type="blabla" />
            <add name="MyInspectorB" type="blabla" />

I need more guaranties than just my observations but can't find any confirmations on MSDN.

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They'll be executed in the order they appear in the

<system.serviceModel> <behaviors> <[service|endpoint]Behaviors> <behavior> <behavior_1 /> <behavior_2 /> <behavior_n /> </behavior> </[service|endpoint]Behaviors> </behaviors> </system.serviceModel>

, not in the order listed in the behavior extensions.

And service behaviors are called before endpoint behaviors - the order among the behaviors is described in

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