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In my spring app, I am using a properties file for strings, and the spring:message tag. I am having trouble putting spaces between the messages though. Here is an example:

    <spring:message code="msg.message1" /> <spring:message code="msg.message2" />

Turns into this:

I am message1.I am message 2.

I would think that the whitespace I put between the message tags would create a space, but it doesnt. I know I can use &nbsp, but I don't want that all over my markup. Any suggestions?

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Can't reproduce your problem with Spring 3.0.5, unless I use trimDirectiveWhitespaces="true" in the page. – madth3 Feb 15 '12 at 2:13
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This has nothing to do with Spring. Neither of the two taglibs has control over the output stream when space in between is printed. I can just speculate on two things:

  • Is a refresh problem. They are not very usual, but sometimes you have to be sure you have cleaned your project, deleted Tomcat's work directory and so on.

  • JSP is configured to trim spaces. This is not the default behavior and it can be configured in a few ways, as you can see here.

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Try a span element. for example

<span class="message"><spring:message code="msg.message1"/></span>
<span class="message"><spring:message code="msg.message2"/></span>

then if you don't get the spacing you want, add a .message (or span.message) class that provides the desired spacing. If you get the spacing you want without adding a class, remove class="message" from the spans.

you could use a &nbsp;, but my personal preference is to avoid such things (or forever they will dominate your destiny :) )

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Put the messages into <div> elements?

Use CSS to position them relatively to one another with some border/margin?

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If you literally want a space between the messages, you will need &nbsp;.

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Try by adding &nbsp; in your properties file at the end of message value


msg.message1 = I am message1. &nbsp;&nbsp;
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