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Whenever we do a build in our main solution we receive the following warning:

Unable to apply publish properties for item "microsoft.visualstudio.qualitytools.unittestframework".

Has anyone seen anything like this before? Any ideas on how to fix this? It happens on all of our developer machines and also on our TFS build server as well. However, it only appears in Debug mode.

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It appears that the issue is related to ClickOnce. Navigate to the project, right click on it and click on properties. Go to the Publish tab and click on Application Files. Check the 'Show all files' checkbox and scroll through the list of files. Eventually, you will come across the file that has a yellow exclamation point on it. This file is orphaned and needs to be removed. Right click on the file and there should be a remove option.

Now build the solution and the warning should be gone.

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That's twice I've googled that problem and found this answer. Eventually I'll learn. :p –  Nick Mar 6 '14 at 23:42

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