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For instance what should I add to this expression:

xyplot(a~b, groups=abc, data=super,
       panel = panel.grid)

in order to have 100 instead of 10^2?

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In the scales list have you looked at the labels element from the docs? That sounds like the ticket. Vector of labels (characters or expressions) to go along with at. Can also be a list like at. Alternatively, I wonder if you could log transform your data before hand (essentially you're doing that now) – Brandon Bertelsen Feb 14 '12 at 22:31

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The latticeExtra package has a number of nifty functions for producing nicer labels for logarithmic axes. In your case, have a look at xscale.components.log10ticks.

Here's an example, taken from the help page, that shows basically what you want (although here it's the y-axis that gets the labeling you'll want on the x-axis):

 xyplot((1:200)/20 ~ (1:200)/20, type = c("p", "g"),
   scales = list(x = list(log = 2), y = list(log = 10)),
   xscale.components = xscale.components.fractions,
   yscale.components = yscale.components.log10ticks)

enter image description here

EDITED, providing an additional example to reply to comments by the original poster

dat <- 10^seq(-3, 5)

xyplot(dat ~ dat, type = c("p", "g"),
   scales = list(x = list(log = 2), y = list(log = 10)),
   xscale.components = xscale.components.log10ticks,
   yscale.components = yscale.components.log10ticks)

enter image description here

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xscale.components = xscale.components.log10ticks turns my x axis 10^8.0 point into 1e+08 instead of the expected 100000000. – Attila Csordas Feb 14 '12 at 22:53
If you first set options(scipen=10) (or some large-enough number), and then redo your plot, it will print more digits before deciding to switch to exponential notation. That should fix your problem. – Josh O'Brien Feb 14 '12 at 23:04
when using yscale.components = yscale.components.log10ticks the y axis labels disappeared except the smallest label 10... – Attila Csordas Feb 15 '12 at 21:16
@AttilaCsordas -- not sure why that's happening to you. Depending on what it is, I might need to know more about the device you are plotting to, your data, or the other graphical parameters you are setting. In case it'll help, I just added another example plot to my response above. Cheers, and best of luck figuring this out quickly. – Josh O'Brien Feb 15 '12 at 21:29

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