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Cocoa and Objective-C resources?

So I started my iPhone programming and have just uploaded my first game to the app store. However, I took the C++ & OpenGL & openFrameworks route, hence I am still entirely a newbie to the Cococa, Objective-C and the "authentic" Apple developer world.

Right now I am learning through Beginning iPhone Development by Dav Mark, Jeff LaMarche. It is a very detailed book with good examples, however, I feel I am lacking the "big picture" of Cococa development. You know, there are so many native Apple-made frameworks and libraries to learn (CoreAnimation, Quatz...etc.).

Where's a good place to acquire such knowledge. Apple's documentation definitely works, but how about books? Tutorials?

Thanks guys.

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Cocoa Programming for Mac OS X by Aaron Hillegass

-- This is THE book. This is the bible.

Once you can make Mac apps, you shouldn't have too hard a time moving to the iPhone, which is essentially identical. You can then get this book:

The iPhone Developer's Cookbook: Building Applications with the iPhone SDK by Erica Sadun

-- A very good resource book that will show you with code samples how things are done on the iPhone. Not ideal if you don't know a thing, but if you know Cocoa (from reading the first book), it'll be a breeze.

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Make sure to get the 3rd edition of the Hillegass book. –  OhioDude May 31 '09 at 16:37

You really should have a look at the videos from the Stanford Classes CS 193 P. You can get them in iTunes U and they really take you from the ground up. Also you can download all the slides to follow along. This really is a great resource.

The current lectures already include stuff that is new in iOS 5.0.

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