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I created a low-fidelity prototype for an app for WP7. This was done in Expression Blend + Sketchflow using Sketchflow WP7 template from

While this worked out fine, I now need to test the prototype - I guess the best way to do so would be to run it on an actual device. Is there a way to (easily!) move the whole thing to WP7 project, build it and deploy to WP7 device?

I want to avoid having to test the prototype on a PC with a mouse...

Thx for any tips

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No, sorry. However I think you can use SketchFlow player on PC and avoid testing with mouse if you have touch monitor.

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Unfortunately Pol is right, I tried it as well and there is still no way for WP7 prototypes. However if you have a WPF prototype you can convert it to a normal app:

Maybe this is helpful for someone who doesn't do a phone application.

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