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My aim is to set a print out data based on a time range in php. example.. i want a user to only see current content within current time.

$set =  strtotime("2012-02-01");

$a= date('D F d Y', strtotime("2012-02-01"));//set current date
$b= date("D F d Y", strtotime('8 day', $set));
$c= date("D F d Y", strtotime('16 day', $set));
$d= date("D F d Y", strtotime('24 day', $set));
print '<br>'.$a; print '<br>'.$b; print '<br>'.$c; print '<br>'.$d; 

if($t >= $a){ print '<br>1'; }
elseif(($t >= $b&& $t<$c)){ print '<br>2'; }
elseif(($t <= $c&& $t<$d)){ print '<br>3'; }
else { print '<br>default'; }


it only prints out 1.

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Search before you ask, use DateTime class to compare dates – Alvin Wong Jul 12 '12 at 15:32

It outputs 1 because you are effectivly doing

1329260640 >= "Wed February 01 2012"

$a is a string and $t is an int

When you convert a string to an int it will normally be 0 (except in the case where the string can be parsed into an int)

So 1329260640 is more than 0, and hence $a >= $t

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You are comparing apples and oranges here $t >= $a, $t is a timestamp whereas $a is the string Wed February 01 2012. You need to do if($t >= $set){}

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