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I've got a document that looks like this:

{listName: 'LoremIpsum'
 listItems: [{productDescription: "", productImage: ""}...]}

How would I go about deleting an item from listItems if productImage didn't exist?

I've tried the following with no result:

db.lists.update({"item.productImage":{$exists: false}}, {$unset:{"item":1}}, false, true )
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Could you please update your original doc structure. because in your doc it was listitems.productimage and in your query it was item.productimage.. which one is right.. –  RameshVel Feb 15 '12 at 6:14

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Note that $pull can contain element matching criteria. As such this single update will remove the items that do not contain the field "productImage" :

db.lists.update({}, {$pull:{listItems:{productImage:{$exists:false}}}}, false, true)
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this works. just edit the command to update all documents. db.lists.update({}, {$pull:{listItems:{productImage:{$exists:false}}}},false,true) –  techpaisa Feb 16 '12 at 5:44

It seems that you can't delete it in one step. But here's a two-step combination:

// unset matching array element. That'll leave null on its place
db.lists.update({"listItems.productImage":{$exists: false}}, 

// remove nulls from array
db.lists.update({listItems: null}, 
                {$pull: {listItems: null}});
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Just tried this but it didn't work. Perhaps because it's actually an inner array? –  James Feb 15 '12 at 0:04

You should be able to use the $pull operator, which will remove everything with the matching criterion that you specify.

db.lists.update({}, {"$pull": {"listItems" : {"productImage" : {$exists: false}} }})

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