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I have a file input:

<input type=file id=file onchange='foo(this.files)'/>

Function 'foo' is called only when user chooses some file in the file upload dialog and clicks "OK". Is there any event that will be fired when user clicks "cancel" button in the dialog? HTML5-only solutions are OK.

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I think that the best way if you can change a bit your code, is adding plugins to add files, for example:




these are the more common, I'd work with the first and I had no problems.

This will not do exactly what you want, but you can add files in a queue and then cancel them, and you can capture this event...

I know that is not what you was looking for, but is the best solution I can give you

good luck! I hope I've helped you

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It looks like they both require Flash. Too bad :( But thank you anyway. –  r5ha Feb 15 '12 at 13:38

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