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I am working on an automated file saving system, in which attachments from specific unread emails to a shared inbox will be saved to disk. Once the attachment has been saved to disk, the file is marked as read. However, because it is a shared inbox, if someone else checks the emails whilst my Outlook isn't open (when the macro won't automatically detect and save the file), the email will be marked as read, and the macro will overlook it.

I thought I could get around this by using Importance as the determining factor rather than Unread, as all emails arriving as Importance = 1 (Normal) . However, when I try to change an email to Importance = 0 (low), I run into difficulties. The following (very truncated)section of code works fine on some of the email formats of interest. However, on others it will run each line without error, and somehow not set the Importance of the email, until a code break is placed at Next and the code is manually rerun from Item.Importance = 0.

For Each Item in mySharedFolderInbox.Items
    Item.Importance = 0

Sorry I can't give a functioning section of code, its a bit too specific to throw out on the net... I'm rather hoping that someone has come across this problem before, and might have a simple solution.
Any help Is appreciated.
Cheers, Ben.

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Can VBA access the UserProperties collection? That might be "cleaner" than trying to clobber a different property. Also make sure to dispose ("set to null in VBA"?) all references to COM objects, including containers. – user166390 Feb 15 '12 at 0:19
I haven't actually looked at UserProperties before, how are you thinking I could use it? Could it create a binary Property "FileSaved" for each Item in the Inbox, and set it once the file is downloaded? – Ben F Feb 15 '12 at 0:58
That's possible in the normal Outlook Object Model, I am not sure what restrictions there are with VBA though -- I only develop from C# (and with Redemption, which is Awesome!). Just make sure to guard against the case where "FileSaved" was not set (saved but couldn't be set or setting was overridden) or was set (but the file was not successfully saved, perhaps a different machine?). It's a fiddle to make an Outlook add-in "tolerant" to the Outlook synchronization process, and things just become more complicated with Shared Folders (ick!), etc. – user166390 Feb 16 '12 at 21:36
I am not sure how an item can be overlooked? Do you use Items.Find or Items.Restrict to get unread messages only? Or you also need to process read items that were not processed by you yet? – Dmitry Streblechenko Mar 5 at 0:43

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