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When working in Xcode, Apple compiles a mobile program for i386 (since the iPhone/iPad/iPod emulators are i386). Code is not compiled for ARM then run on a desktop emulator performing interpretation.

I'm interested in an emulator/interpreter/virtual machine that runs real iOS applications (which would have been compiled for ARM). We want to perform malware analysis in a lab-like state.

Does Apple provide such a tool (I have not been able to locate it)? Has anyone come across a ARM-compatible emulator or interpreter?

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I'm sorry to disappoint you - the best you can get right now in terms of native ARM emulation specifically for the iPhone mainly boots the kernel.

You can only attach to a shell and recover a ROM from iTunes into the Qemu-provided device AFAICT. The project is called iEmu, and is written specifically for i*-devices (iPad, iPhone etc.)

While progress (please look at the "development / status" page on is rather slow, the project isn't dead. Any progress beyond that might be observed at the project's github page (called QEMU-s5l89xx-port).

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Its been a couple of years... Has anything changed that you are aware of? – jww Jan 12 at 8:04

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