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I want to create a new SQL table from a datatable that has been built within my program. I simply want to copy the entire table to MSSQL. From my research I found what appears to be the answer:

As a side note, in SQL 2008 there is a very easy way to create a table out of a client defined Datatable: pass the DataTable as a Table value parameter, then issue a SELECT * INTO FROM @tvp, this will effectively transfer the definition of the Datatable and its content data into a real table in SQL.

(Posted by Remus Rusan under this Question --- Creating a SQL Server table from a C# datatable)

What I cannot figure out is how to define the table-valued parameter in SQL server without a table definition. All the documentation shows defining the @tvp with column definitions which of course defeats the purpose of the SELECT * INTO. Unless I am missing something entirely it is not possible to do the above without the SQL server side declaration of @tvp and a short sp that calls the SQL statement.

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