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Does the physics.addBody() only work with Circles and Rectangles? Or is it possible to physics.addBody() on vector shapes or sprites or with masks or something?

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It is possible to do with sprites and shapes, see here.

local physics=require("physics")
local obj=display.newRect(160,600,50,50)
physics.addBody(obj,"static", {density=0.1,friction=0.1} )

local obj=display.newCircle(90,500,50)
physics.addBody(obj, "static", {density=0.1,friction=0.1,radius=50} )

--equilateral triangle physics object
local rad=30/360*2*math.pi
local xHalfLen=80*math.sin(rad)
local yLen=80*math.cos(rad)

local obj=display.newLine(100,100, 100+xHalfLen,100+yLen)
obj:append(100-xHalfLen,100+yLen, 100,100)

local triangleShape={0,0, xHalfLen,yLen, -xHalfLen,yLen}    
--center of object is at top of triangle
physics.addBody(obj, {density=0.1,friction=0.1,shape=triangleShape} )

the shapes must be convex and consists of less than 8 sides.

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Ah, how could I miss that, gotta stop working until 6 in the morning. Thanks a lot @cctan! You say its possible to do with sprites, does that mean you can use a png and say that, everything that has more than 0 alpha is part of the body, you get what I mean? –  Mathias Madsen Stav Feb 20 '12 at 15:03
@MathiasMadsenStav as far as I know for your situation, this is the closest solution I get. –  cctan Feb 21 '12 at 1:10
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