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i need to strip the directory levels of a relative URL and replace slashes with underscores. some of those relative URLs include one or two levels up (../ or ../../). right now I'm using :

$('area, a').click(function() { 
      cleanPath = $(this).attr('href').replace(/'..'/g, "").replace(/\//g, "_") );

but that doesn't work. there are similar questions posted here but nothing that seems to address my specific issue. obviously, I'm not a RegEx expert. can anyone help me figure this out?

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Could you be more specific? Do you want to change them into full URLs? –  MiJyn Feb 15 '12 at 0:18

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Your regex, /'..'/g looks for all matches of an apostrophe followed immediately by any character followed immediately by any character followed by another apostrophe. This is because . matches any character except newlines (unless multiline mode is enabled).

Try either:




By prepending a backslash, your regex treats the . as a literal . (i.e., a period).

By enclosing . in [.], the regex also treats the . as a literal . ({2} is for exactly 2 occurences, back-to-back).

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