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I thought you maybe could help me out here :-)
So I just launched my website, where I will upload some GIFs and have them displayed on the front page.
As of right now, I use a script to show a .png file, when a mouse is hovered, the .gif shows and you can click on it, which will link you to the .gif file.

So right now I got two files for every GIF; xxx.gif and xxx_thumb.png -- however, I would like this to get automatized and thought of a simple script.
In pseudo code:

get .gif
  rename to 1.gif
    if 1.gif taken? rename to 2.gif
  get first frame
    export first frame as 1_thumb.png
      if 1_thumb.png taken? rename to 2_thumb.png
load new picture? (y/n)
  if n
  if y
    start from step 1

Something like this would be awesome -- how hard would it be to code? Would Ruby or Python do the job?
Would this be possible with a web app, then send the .gif + .png as an email to me? <-- not necessary yet :-)

Thanks for reading this!

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Ruby would be very easy to use. So what happens if 2.gif is already taken? Would it go to 3.gif? – MiJyn Feb 15 '12 at 0:22
If you host the GIF on the same web server as your HTML, it would be very easy to draw an animated GIF to an HTML5 Canvas, then use toDataURL() to create a base64 encoding of PNG data. From there you could submit a form with that data to your server, decode the base64 and write the PNG to disk if desired. – Phrogz Feb 15 '12 at 0:22
Yup, just like that lkjoel -- if name is in use, add 1 and try again – Filuren Feb 15 '12 at 0:24

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For Ruby you could check out rmagick and while this is for an older version of Rails it starts the process you would follow.

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