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i'm looking for best practice for navigating from one page to another based on Post-Redirect-Get pattern in jsf 2.0 I previously worked with spring webflow and it's amazing framework, but i'm looking for a simple way. when i tried @ViewScoped its not work in PRG and t:saveState was worked perfectly in jsf 1.2 but not worked in jsf 2.0

i will be glad if you give me advice.

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If it's pure page-to-page navigation, rather use plain GET links instead of POST forms. JSF2 offers you the new <h:link> tag for this which can take a navigation case as outcome.

So, e.g.

<h:link value="Next page" outcome="next" />

(which goes to next.xhtml in the same folder)

instead of

    <h:commandLink value="Next page" action="next?faces-redirect=true" />

That's also instantly much friendlier for searchbots.

See also:

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i know @ViewScoped working on current view and when view changed, the object lifecycle end. thanks for your help, i found this sample based on flashScope – AshkaN Feb 15 '12 at 5:28

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