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Is it possible to send an array with a header('Location:); so the array can be echo'd after redirect? I have a signup form and on error it redirects to the homepage, on success it redirects to the member page. if I can do something like $arr['error_message'] = 'Invalid Password'; then on the redirect if (isset($arr['error_message'])) { echo $arr['error_message']; }

This is to hopefully achieve not needing an extra URL parameter (&error=Invalid%20Login). I noticed $_SESSION is an option but what if the user has multiple tabs open? Or am I stuck with using more URL params?

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You can use $_GET to do that, like

     header("Location: member.php?msg=$msg");
     $msg="Invalid Password";
     header("Location: home.php?msg=$msg"); 

And retrive in you current page like

    echo $_GET['msg']; 
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I would like to suggest you few solutions.

Solution 1

GET Param (Indeed you says don't want to) I don't see any issue with sending GET Param, since it doesn't contain any sensitive data. As an example you can use some internal CODEs for this. Ex: You define some codes.

$code = 1; // This should be dynamic like, 
           // 1 => When Password wrong, 
           // 2 => When login ID not exists, 
           // 3 => when unknown error occurred
header('Location: error.php?err=' . $code);

So in error.php you can check that.

$errorCode = $_GET['err'];

   case 1;
       echo "Password wrong";
   case 2;
       echo "login ID not exists";
   // Add custom messages as you wish

Solution 2

Using session. I think it doesn't matter if you have multiple tabs. In your password checking code you can initiate the session before the redirection.

$_SESSION['ERROR_MESSAGE'] = "Whatever you want";

Then in your error.php (the redirected page) you can check that


Solution 3

Instead of PHP redirect, you can generate hidden form with POST action and you can assign relevant error message to that when executing

<form name="frmError" id="frmError" method="POST" action="error.php">
<input type="hidden" name="error" value="<?php echo $errorMessage; ?>" />

And write a javascript function to POST your form.

<script type="text/javascript">
function submitform()

Then modify your body tag as bellow

<body <?php if(isset($errorMessage)) {?> onload="submitform();" <?php } ?> >

Hope this will help you to decide.

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Session is a common solution. Though user can open multiple tabs, you want that an user signup an account in the same time. So it doesn't cause problems

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