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in ios animation have the highest priority,if some animation running like a tableview scrolling the other work should be paused to ensure the animation smoothly.In my app when the UITableCell appear i start a NSURLConnection to download an Image,but if i don't stop scrolling the tableview the image can't be downloaded.i want to download the image while the tableView is scrolling.I have to know the download progress to set a progressview in the UITableViewCell. Thank you.

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i got it ,ASIHttpRequest is Perfect. – zhuchao Feb 16 '12 at 9:31

I don't believe that that really happens that scrolling blocks downloading but if u got stutters in your UI you can use threads.

You can use PerformSelectorInBackground to download the image on a different thread and use performSelectorOnMainThread to update its progress info to be displayed on the screen. that should ensure nothing blocks the other. its important that you don't access objects created on one thread through a different thread. so progress info should be created and used on the main thread.

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