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I have this in my js.erb file

var cart_item = "<table id='something' style='width:100%'>"; 
cart_item += "<tr><td>";
cart_item += "<%= @contact.name %>";
cart_item += "<%= link_to_remote 'Delete', :url => {:controller => 'registrations', :action => 'destroy' %>";
cart_item += "</td>";
cart_item += "</tr></table>";


and it just hangs but when i comment out the link_to_funtion everything works great. I even tried to make this a link_to and it still hangs and does nothing ....am i missing something

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What "just" hangs? –  Ben Alpert Feb 15 '12 at 2:58
the cart_item string doesnt get appended to the #cart with the link_to_function as it should with this call $("#cart").append(cart_item); –  Trace Feb 15 '12 at 3:00
You should update your question to include the version of Rails you're working with. link_to_remote was deprecated a while back - although you can get it included via the prototype_helpers gem –  Ben W Feb 15 '12 at 3:28

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Extract all of that to a partial, call it _cart_item.html.erb:

<table id='something' style='width:100%'>
<%= @contact.name %>
<%= link_to 'Delete', {:controller => 'registrations', :action => 'destroy', :id => @contact.id}, :remote => true %>

Then, your js.erb file will look like this:

$("#cart").append(<%= escape_javascript(render(:partial => "cart_item")) %>);

But Ryan Bigg is still right, you should:

  • use RESTful routes and route helpers.
  • use :remote => true for AJAX requests, as I've done.
  • make sure you're passing an id to the destroy action so it knows which object to destroy.
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Thanks for the suggestion of extracting some parts to a partial it worked for me. Using ruby in js.erb is a bit confusing. –  tsega Nov 1 '12 at 10:44

Four things.

One: No need for the :url option. You can just pass the hash as the second argument to link_to_remote and it'll work.

Two: You should use the URL helpers for this. Also, if you're using the destroy action you'll probably want to pass through an id. This means that you would do something like this instead:

link_to_remote 'Delete', registration_path(id)

You would be doing something like resources :registrations for this. Although, not sure what registrations are within your application, so I can really advise on this.

Three: most importantly, you're missing the end curly bracket for the hash on the link_to_remote line. This would raise a syntax error if you left it out.

Four: link_to_remote is deprecated in Rails 3.0. You should use link_to 'Delete', registration_path(id), :remote => true

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I think its more related to the link or something in a js.erb....i changed the line to this for testing and still the same results ----------- cart_item += "<%= link_to 'Remove', root_path %>"; –  Trace Feb 15 '12 at 3:14

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