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I have enabled the built in taxonomy/term/% view

I have created a display with path /taxonomy/term/%/test

I also have a URL alias setup on the taxonomy/term path to be /fruits/apple

So I would expect this to work /fruits/apple/test would display my view.

When I browse to this path I get Page not found.

If I browse to the un-aliased path ie /taxonomy/term/156/test it works.

Should the alias work like this?

Ive tried every combination I can think of. Reenabled the view, created new displays, removed all other displays etc

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Try this: Path redirect. If itsn't help, rewrite engine help to you.

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Try sub-pathauto module.

This module extends that behavior by also matching known sub-paths and replacing them with their respective alias.

For example, if user/1 is aliased to users/admin, this module rewrites the link to the user contact page user/1/contact to use the aliased URL users/admin/contact instead.

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