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I want to load a specific thumbnail for an article using Twig and Assetic. Here is the code that doesn't work:

in config and params:


    debug:             %kernel.debug%
    strict_variables: %kernel.debug%
        thumbnail_dir: %thumbnail_dir%

In the twig file:

{% image '@MyMainBundle' ~ thumbnail_dir ~ '/' ~ id ~ '/' ~ article.thumbnailFile %}
    <img src="{{ asset_url }}"
         alt="{{ article.title }}" />
{% endimage %}

So basically I have images I'm storing in /Resources/public/images/article_thumbs/{ID}/{FILE.ext}

I want to get those for a specific article in Twig. How can I achieve that?

EDIT: Why am I not putting them in the web folder?

I guess I had thought about using Assetic filters at some point, but I suppose there is really no need.

I'll just store them in the web folder for now.

So if I make thumbnail_dir="/images/article_thumbs" and put that in the web dir, Do I just say {{ asset( thumbnail_dir ~ '/' ~ id ~ '/' ~ article.thumbnailFile ) }} in twig?

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Why you storing them in Resources not in web folder? –  drupality Feb 15 '12 at 14:43
Images should be in the resources folder –  Jon Winstanley Jul 24 '13 at 10:14

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According to Kriswallsmith this is not possible using assetic.


If I understood correctly: Since assetic does not render the Twig the variable is not being read.

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