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I want to build web applications with simple chat like facebook have, but If I wanna make a chat self service what will I have to accomplish that?

I just newbie and don't know the architecture of chat applications. The purpose is just I can to record the history of chat to my database..

If the resource is high, Can you suggest the free service online chat that I can integrate in my applications??

Any help regards..

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If you want chat recording and a system that is very easy to integrate, you can look at It is a help desk system, but it has a chat module and best of all, it’s free for startups (no feature limitations). I’ve been using it for my online business and the web chat was configured by me in 5 mins.

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Phponlinechat is a free chat support service. It is offering a online live chat as a service and as a software.You can download free live chat tool from here.

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you can using AJAX or Socket... but i recommend you using Socket, because Socket is lighter than AJAX in your browser... this socket example

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