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I've written a program that uses the .Net framework, the Qt framework, and the Qwt framework.

I read that to make a shortcut on the desktop, you right-click on the Primary Output thing in the main window pane, and you select Create-Shortcut. This doesn't appear to be an option for me. If I right-click on the white bit of the pane, I can create a shortcut, however, I can't really seem to link that shortcut to the output.

No shortcut


Right click on white bit

Primary Output not selectable

The last image shows that in my application folder, the primary output is not there. If I go to add it, it adds it to far left pane (solution explorer) and I end up with two there, but it still doesn't show up as an option for the shortcut.

Thanks for you time.

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Pressing F1 could be useful. –  Hans Passant Feb 15 '12 at 5:42

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I was having the same issue, just ran across this blog post which worked for me: http://geekanddo.wordpress.com/2012/02/20/visual-studio-setup-projects-wont-make-a-shortcut-to-the-primary-output/

In my case it was an extra slash in the output filename, as the author mentions.

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