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I would like to filter an array of items by using the map() function. Here is a code snippet:

var filteredItems =
    if( ...some condition... )
        return item;

The problem is that filtered out items still uses space in the array and I would like to completely wipe them out.

Any idea?

EDIT: Thanks, I forgot about filter(), what I wanted is actually a filter() then a map().

EDIT2: Thanks for pointing that map() and filter() are not implemented in all browsers, although my specific code was not intended to run in a browser.

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You should use the filter method rather than map unless you want to mutate the items in the array, in addition to filtering.


var filteredItems = items.filter(function(item)
    return ...some condition...;

[Edit: Of course you could always do sourceArray.filter(...).map(...) to both filter and mutate]

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That's not what map does. You really want Array.filter. Or if you really want to remove the elements from the original list, you're going to need to do it imperatively with a for loop.

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You must note however that the Array.filter is not supported in all browser so, you must to prototyped:

//This prototype is provided by the Mozilla foundation and
//is distributed under the MIT license.

if (!Array.prototype.filter)
    Array.prototype.filter = function(fun /*, thisp*/)
        var len = this.length;

        if (typeof fun != "function")
            throw new TypeError();

        var res = new Array();
        var thisp = arguments[1];

        for (var i = 0; i < len; i++)
            if (i in this)
                var val = this[i]; // in case fun mutates this

                if (, val, i, this))

        return res;

And doing so, you can prototype any method you may need.

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var arr = [1,2,'xxx','yyy']

arr = arr.filter(function(e){ return e != 'xxx' });

arr  // [1, 2, "yyy"]
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you can also do var arr = [1,2,"xxx", "yyy"]; arr = arr.filter(function(e){ return e!="xxx" }) console.log(arr) – jack blank Dec 2 '15 at 9:15

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