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Is there an announced/expected timeframe when the next (after 3.7) set of DBPedia extraction dumps will be available? (Does the project have a target interval?)

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Our target release date is late March. Expect an announcement on the dbpedia-discussion mailing list in the next few days. (I'm currently working for the DBpedia project at Freie Universität Berlin.)

EDIT: Some things take longer than expected... target release date moved from late March to late April. Sorry for the delay. By the way, yes, we have a target interval, and it's six months.

Join the DBpedia Mapping Sprin(g|t) 2012! The new and improved mappings will be used for the upcoming DBpedia 3.8 release.

EDIT 2: Took longer than expected, offers a lot more data than DBpedia 3.7 - DBpedia 3.8 is here.

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Thanks, recently came across the new expanded dumps. – gojomo Sep 23 '12 at 6:29

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