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Statistical view:

This view collects the statistics about a table, like the no of records, max and minimum value of primary key. This helps in quick fetch of the data for an SQL query.

Materialized View:

This view is an ordinary view, just depicting the abstract data of the table as per the query the view is formed.

Now how and when we have to use this views in an application? How it can be handy in DBA point of view?

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I don't think Oracle has anything like a "statistical view". –  Jeffrey Kemp Feb 16 '12 at 5:05
DB2 has like this –  Sadesh Kumar N Feb 17 '12 at 2:35
Indeed - but the question is only tagged "oracle". –  Jeffrey Kemp Feb 17 '12 at 2:36
I updated it ,.. thanks for noting –  Sadesh Kumar N Feb 17 '12 at 2:46

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The two are not really related at all.

Stats are collected ( or should be ) as part of everyday operation, they tell the query optimizer about the database, number of rows, distribution of values, etc. This helps the optimizer decide what is going to be the best query plan to use to get to the data "on disk".

A Materialized View is similar to a normal view ( eg, a "saved" query ) , however the results are stored, rather than the build query having to be re executed each time its called. There is various options for how to refresh the MV, on demand, each time the base tables are updated, etc.

Materialized views are often used for expensive queries where the results can be somewhat out of date. For example, if you had a table containing each sale made, you might create a MV which contains the total sales for each previous month.

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Thanks you cleared my doubt –  Sadesh Kumar N Feb 15 '12 at 8:09

Difference between View vs Materialized View in database

Based upon on our understanding of View and Materialized View, Let’s see, some short difference between them :

1) First difference between View and materialized view is that, In Views query result is not stored in the disk or database but Materialized view allow to store query result in disk or table.

2) Another difference between View vs materialized view is that, when we create view using any table, rowid of view is same as original table but in case of Materialized view rowid is different.

3) One more difference between View and materialized view in database is that, In case of View we always get latest data but in case of Materialized view we need to refresh the view for getting latest data.

4) Performance of View is less than Materialized view.

5) This is continuation of first difference between View and Materialized View, In case of view its only the logical view of table no separate copy of table but in case of Materialized view we get physically separate copy of table

6) Last difference between View vs Materialized View is that, In case of Materialized view we need extra trigger or some automatic method so that we can keep MV refreshed, this is not required for views in database.

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