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I have the following git history:

A --- B --- C --- D' --- E' [master]
  \ --- D --- E --- F [stable]

We have a policy to cherry-pick all changes from stable to master; D' and E' are cherry-picked commits from stable branch, F is not cherry-picked (has been forgotten).

How can I get a diff that bings up F (which was not cherry-picked into master)?

We don't want use merge because:

  • cleaner history without merge commits
  • commits to stable are rare
  • we have lots of different stable branches
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That's exactly what the git cherry command is for.

It should never miss unpicked change, but it might occasionally list a change you consider picked if the pick involved conflict resolution.

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I wish it had option --no-merges that git log has. –  Andreas Larsen Jun 23 at 11:05

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