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I am looking for an eclipse plugin that gives me basic vim commands.

I don't expect to much but I'm so used to 'jj' for escape that this feature is essential for me. 'jj' should work like in vim: Leave insert mode but don't insert any characters.

I'm considering

  • viplugin
  • vrapper
  • viable
  • vimplugin
  • eclim

but didn't find much information if it is possible to remap anything to ESC.

With viplugin it seems possible to do that, but when remapping 'jj' it still inserts 'jj'. Eclim should support it, but it's probably to heavy.

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Thanks sehe, your help is appreciated. –  bbuser Feb 15 '12 at 8:07

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You can customize vrapper's behaviour with a vimrc-like file: ~/.vrapperrc. It works like ~/.vimrc syntax-wise but you are quite limited in what you can put there.

inoremap jj <ESC>

does exactly what you want, though, just like in Vim.

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I fixed it, thank you! –  romainl Dec 11 '12 at 10:44

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