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process re-parenting: controlling who is the new parent

I'm writing a small tool to help me launch my helper tools (because AuthorizationExecuteWithPrivilages is horrifying to use) but when I do fork()/execve() in my NSTask-like wrapper class, it forks as a child process of the helper tool. How would I get it to fork as a child process of the originating parent (the parent of the small tool launching my helper tools)? I've tried setpgid(0, parent_pid); after the fork but it doesn't work.

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A child process will always have a new pid. However, you can do the exec in the parent process and thus keep the pid. This works only once tho. :-)

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So you're saying I can execve() without fork() and somehow keep the same parent pid? Elaborate please? –  Galaxas0 Feb 15 '12 at 16:27
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