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I have 2 Android Phones, and I want to connect them together via bluetooth, and make one of them a bluetooth headset.

So, my question is how to program the second phone to change its role profile to "Bluetooth Headset" when establishing the connection ?

I've found this post but my question is a little bit different

Thank for any advice or idea :)

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I had posted this, I hope to help you –  SerSánGal Jun 1 '13 at 19:42

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You cannot on Android. At least using the built-in Bluetooth A2DP profile.

Your phone will only act as a transmitter (source), not a receiver (sink).

Please look at these two answers I gave on why this is not possible :

You can, on the other hand, develop two apps each acting as a client/server using your own protocol. The server could be streaming audio content to the client via Bluetooth for instance.

Another way to consider this, since using an Android device as an A2DP sink is not feasible on every phone, is building these two apps using your wifi connection. It could be much more rapid and the sound sound be of a much better quality.

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