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I have this web framework I gonna use that is under 3 clause BSD license and I gonna use a javascript framework under MIT license is this compatible to each other or not?


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IANAL but I assume the web framework is PHP or similar and the Javascript library is -- well - javascript.

The Javascript application is not executed together with the PHP application, they use a common interface (HTTP) and are executed independently (PHP: server, Javascript: browser).

Both the 3 clause BSD as well as the MIT license allow that you can combine code with other code. As in this case, you don't even combine code but both scripts are independent applications, it's your users rights to use them with each other.

It's also possible that you put both "applications" into one package and distribute it together.

For more details please read both license texts and the requirements they have. Normally you don't need to care much (but still you need to care) if you're dealing with MIT or BSD like licenses because they are very permissive.

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