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I have got a scripttag proxy that reads json data from a remote https url. In the emulator, on iPhones and on some android devices it works. But there are some Androids (HTC Desire and a Motrola Milestone I don't know) that doesn't work.

excerp of Kunde.js

proxy: {
    type: 'scripttag',
    url: API_URL + 'getKundenListe',
    reader: {
        type: 'json',
        root: 'kunden'
    listeners: {
        exception: function(proxy, request, operation) {
            alert('exception during scripttag proxy operation');

The exception displays all the time on that android devices.

Via debug.phonegap.com I figured out that the remote device added this script tag to the head section:

<script src="https://apps.kdo.de/wuakz/json/getKundenListe?_dc=1329298561166&limit=25&callback=stcCallback1001" async="true" type="text/javascript" id="stcScript1001"></script>

On the devices that doesn't work, the script tag is two times in the head section.

The response of this request looks like this:

stcCallback1001({"kunden":[{"kdnr":"0100","bezeichnung":"Stadt Oldenburg","kuerzel":"OL"}],"status":"ok"})

I have also added the INTERNET permission to the AndroidManifest.

Any ideas on how to figure out the problem?

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If you are using phonegap there is no need to use the scripttag proxy. You can use the ajax proxy and it will work, because it's not running in a browser, so there is no such security constrain.

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Thanks for your answer. I would like to use the scripttag proxy to have the same codebase for the webapp. On Android 2.3 everything works fine, therefore I set the minimum Api level to that version. –  binarious Feb 16 '12 at 15:10
Thanks for the info about Android 2.3. –  ilija139 Feb 16 '12 at 16:40
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To close this out: It worked when upgrading to Android 2.3.

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