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I notice strange behavior with my Python - Pyramid setup. I have done this method thousands of time before without any problem, but today it refuses to work with me. The command that I've been using is:

pserve development.ini --reload

Previously I was able to modify the code or the template files, and see the changes immediately. Now when I make some changes to the code, even the template files, the changes won't reflected after I hit the browser refresh. Even after I restarted pserve, the page will still retain the old code. Out of desperation, I call in my project file:

python setup.py install

This time, I can see my changes, but I didn't have to go through this hassle before. As far as I remember, I did not make any changes to the project file. Maybe someone else did, does anyone know what is wrong with the setup?

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python setup.py install is a one-off installation, copying your source into the site-packages. What you'd prefer to do is have pserve look at the source in your development directory, which is done by only "linking" the source to the site-packages via python setup.py develop (which you should only need to run when you change your setup.py file.

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It works. Thank you. –  carbotex Feb 16 '12 at 9:25

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