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I want to do better, and I want to ear from you about what benefits does something and does it worst to add it to a web application.

I do a lot of ASP.NET applications, specially to run inside an CRM application. Something like beeing completly in the user and we 'forget' about it until we receive an email :)

This question is for commercial an free web applications. And all the ideas below, I will freely share my source code.

Currently I just have some ideas and implemented others, like:

  • if you add &debug=y to the query string I will show a debug window with all queries and procedures called

alt text

  • using global.asax I show a nicer error message to the user rather than the original ASP.NET error window (this is a developer version, the user version does not have the stack trace information)

alt text

  • I've created, using jQuery and a Web Service, a simple link that will show the current version of the web application and if is that the latest.

  • Yesterday I read about ELMAH from Scotts blog and I will try to set this up in order to get an email to a special address, in order to improve and fix any bug that might happen...

What do you guys suggest? what can be considerate as a 'standard' on deploying web applications...

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Here are some good links to guide you in improving your asp.net web application: Improve performance 1 Improve performance 2 Improve performance 3 –  Bat_Programmer Sep 22 '11 at 20:44

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I like everything you are doing except for the displaying all query information via the querystring parameter. I would suggest that feature only be available in debug mode on a dev. server or something of that nature. It could otherwise pose a large security risk.

I also see in that query you posted (line third from the bottom) ends in

where <some field> = 582

It would be a good idea to use parameterized queries instead of string concatenations. It leaves you open for a slew of nasty problems like slower performance and sql-injection attacks. If you use parameterized queries, that would go away.

Hope I added some value to your "standard".

Best of luck.

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they are better than parametrized queries, they are using SuperOffice ORM :) that is only the output of the query for debugging information... when something is wrong and we want to see what is happening instead of call me to debug :) but I appreciate your input :) –  balexandre May 30 '09 at 7:05

"If you add &debug=y to the query string I will show a debug window with all queries and procedures called"

Now, normally I'm the one to criticize security by obscurity, but this is a very bad idea. There's no reason to completely expose your implementation like this. If you have this debug option enabled on a production server, at most you should log to an internal file.

Same goes with your "helpful" traceback error message. This info is restricted for a reason.

Even the version link can be considered a vulnerability. See e.g. this Wordpress artice which advices not publishing the Wordpress version you're using due to the multitude of past vulnerabilities and the fact that people are very slow to upgrade.

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