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I have this code to show confirm message using vb.net, but I want to get the return result and use it in vb.net code.

   Dim str As String = "<script>" &
                        "$('.test').live('click',function(){" &
                        "confirm('test');" &
    ScriptManager.RegisterClientScriptBlock(control, GetType(Button), "sas", str, False)

I am thinking in storing the result data in html compnent and use it in vb.net code, is there another solution ?

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You can store the result in a hidden field (<input type="hidden">), then retrieve it in your code after postback.

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Not directly. The server side code is outputting text down a one-way channel. The JavaScript is running on a different system. You can't get data from the JS to the server without making a new HTTP request.

See also Using Pylons global variables with JavaScript which is the same problem, just with a different language.

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