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I want to call a PHP webservice from my J2ME program. Here is the PHP function called :

$req="SELECT DISTINCT a.adc_id FROM adc a INNER JOIN utilisateur u ON a.adc_id=u.adc_id INNER JOIN transfert t ON u.user_code = t.user_code
WHERE t.user_code ='". $user_code ."' AND t.date_transfert='".$datejour."'";
$query=mysql_query($req) ;
while($ligne = mysql_fetch_array($query))
    $chaine .=$ligne['adc_id'].';';
    $chaine .= "\r\n" ;
return $chaine;

As you see there is the "\r\n" new-line character returned by the webservice among the column data. For example the returned String is :


So how to "split" this String data in J2ME so that I will get an array String[] containing the values : 12011;Michael;12/12/2012; and 13455;Sue;14/05/2011; ?

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You will either have to write your own tokenizer or use one of the many available on the net.

One example could be this one from nokia's page

Usage example:

Tokenizer t = new Tokenizer(yourString, "\r\n");
while (t.hasMoreTokens()) {
    String token = t.nextToken();
    //do something with token

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agree with you :p –  Adil Soomro Feb 15 '12 at 10:58

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