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I wondered if anyone could suggest an alternative approach to the following work around.

I have a web application that makes an http request for a PDF. The PDF can take more than the default timeout for a request to be created server side, so to better control this, I have used ajax, where as previously just window.open had been used.

However, because of how the PDF is prepared, the request to create it, also returns it. I couldnt work out a way to handle the binary PDF data returned so I simply rellied on the browsers cache to store the data. Then simply requested against the same url again, but using window.open.

The code for this is as follows..

function loadPdf(url, timeout){
     url: url,
     success: function(data){
     error: function(error, status){
       window.alert("Problem retrieving PDF.\nThe error status is: " + status);
     timeout: timeout,
     dataType: "application/pdf"   

Really what I would like to do is handle the success data in a way that asks the user to open/save the PDF. I dont really like to use window.open in this way, especially as a repeat call like this.

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Maybe something with iframes? –  Oliver Feb 15 '12 at 10:47
Thats something I had considered, and possibly an option going forward. –  Jeremy Brooks Feb 24 '12 at 11:31

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Really what I would like to do is handle the success data in a way that asks the user to open/save the PDF

That's impossible. You should not use AJAX to download files. You can't do anything useful with the byte array that you retrieved in the success callback. You can't directly save it on the client computer (for obvious reasons) and you can't prompt the user with the Save dialog neither.

You don't need to use window.open either. You could simply provide a link to the file:

<a href="/somescript">download pdf</a>

and then on the server specify the: Content-Disposition: attachment; filename="test.pdf" custom HTTP header to show the save dialog allowing the user to specify a location on his computer to store the file.

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I have made the Content-Disposition change server side, which has improved things. I cant currently just use a link, but I am planning to try a code refactor to make that possible. I dont currently know how to handle a timeout value through a link, which is really the main problem. ALso just to clarify, I never intended to save data to the users pc, I was talking about the default dialog you mention in your answer. –  Jeremy Brooks Feb 24 '12 at 11:27

Would the jquery.fileDownload plugin do what you need?

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